You Won’t Believe How Easy It Was For Pakistan’s ISI To Honey-trap Nishant Aggarwal Of BrahMos

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5:01 pm 12 Oct, 2018


In the recent past, several stories grabbed media limelight in which officers from Armed Forces and defence establishments were caught leaking sensitive information to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). A lot of people have been lured by ISI (in additon to Chinese agencies) to leak classified details and documents of Indian operations to Pakistan.

As per a latest intelligence report, the ISI is targeting young Indian scientists and those who can easily become soft targets. The most common method to ‘honey-trap’ these officials includes profiling the scientists, and engaging them online using fake profile of women.



In order to make it full-proof, the modus operandi followed by the ISI included making these people believe in fake profiles and at times using dummy models or good looking women of Pakistani, Chinese original for fake erotic sex videos.

To keep the things going smoothly, the plans also comprised of vulgar chats. In order to not get caught, the agents deployed by the ISI used to reroute their IP addresses, also called IP masking.



Recently, a similar case came up when intelligence agencies arrested Nishant Aggarwal of BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited. He has been accused of passing sensitive information to the ISI. As per the court, the secret and prohibited information was found from Agarwal’s laptop.


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Reports say he was in contact with two Facebook accounts — ‘Neha Sharma’ and ‘Pooja Ranjan’ — suspected to be operated by Pakistani intelligence agents. He was promised beautiful girls, $30,000 and IT job in a big software consultancy firm in Canada.



Earlier this year, the special cell of the Delhi Police arrested Indian Air Force Group Captain Arun Marwah for leaking classified information to a woman who presented herself as a model. He had befriended the woman through Facebook and was sending her classified documents over WhatsApp. Stationed in Agra, Arun Marwah was the instructor for army’s special forces like Air Force Garuda and Navy’s Marcos. After joining as JD (Operations), he had access to many confidential files.



There are reports that mention that intelligence agencies are also monitoring the internet habits of Indian officers. Officials are keeping an eye on those officers who have smartphones of Chinese origin.


No doubt it is horrifying to see people like Nishant Aggarwal easily falling (for the sake of having good time with hot models) into the ‘honey-trap’ and leaking sensitive information. The emergence of such cases brings to the fore the deep-rooted problem but peopl in certain situations need to be trained and protected.

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