Yes, Pakistan Can Use F-16 Jets Against India

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2:27 pm 28 Apr, 2016

Agreeing with India’s past concern, top United States (US) lawmakers too have expressed fears over US government’s decision to sell eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan.

The lawmakers feel that Barack Obama administration’s decision could result in Pakistan misusing these aircraft and using it against India than combating terrorism.

They also, once again, urged the Obama administration to review its decision in this regard and revise it if possible.

Expressing concern, Congressman Matt Salmon said:




Besides Salmon, several other lawmakers too voiced the same concern during the Congressional hearing which was discussing Afghanistan and Pakistan and was being convened by the Subcommittee on Asia and Pacific of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Obama administration was represented by the Special US Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Olson during this hearing.


India has been repeatedly expressing its displeasure over US selling F-16 aircraft to Pakistan.

During the hearing Salmon had also asked Olson to clarify the underlying purpose and timing of the intended sale and asked how it was in the best interest of the United States.




At present the US Senate has put the decision of giving eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan on hold. The deal was struck between the two nation at an estimated cost of $700 million.


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