A Pakistani Boy Booked For Raping A Hen And People Have Taken It To Another Level

Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 5:22 pm

This is the most bizarre story you will read today! It is not only bizarre in fact, disturbing at the same time. This is a clear indication of the sickness that exists in the society and how people are just now scared of anything while they commit such heinous crimes.

This story is about a boy raping a hen.


A Pakistani boy has been found accused of raping a hen.wikimedia.org

The incident took place in Pakistan’s Punjab province of Pakistan. A 14-year-old Pakistani boy has been arrested. He has been accused of sexually assaulting a hen, as per a media report.

Mansab Ali, a resident of Jalapur Bhatian informed the police that his neighbor Ansar Hussain took away his hen on November 11 and later “raped” it. An FIR quoted, “The hen died while being sexually assaulted by Hussain. Two persons — Nasrullah and Tufail – witnessed this act.”


An FIR has been filed and the boy has been booked.fthmb.tqn.com

After the dead hen was medically examined, the sexual assault was confirmed. The report also stated, “Hussain has also confessed to his crime. The boy said he did it out of sexual frustration.” According to the police, the boy has been booked.

After the news broke on the internet, people shared their views on Twitter and took this matter to an all new level. This is what they tweeted: