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Pakistani Army Is So Honorless They Joined Hands With The Killer Of Peshawar’s Children Against India

Published on 7 May, 2017 at 2:38 pm By

According to the profound opinion of the Indian Leftists and the teens they have been brainwashing, Pakistan is not India’s enemy.

Anyone with even the slightest understanding of South Asian politics is aware of the fact that Pakistan is the world’s factory of terrorism. But no, not the Indian Leftists because, sadly, in spite of living in one of the most robust democracies they preach the politics of anarchy and separatism.


In the minds of India’s Left – whether in universities, political parties or the media – Islamabad wants peace with New Delhi but Modi government should be blamed for not doing enough. Trust me, if terrorists backed by Pakistan had not been attacking India with such frequency, the Leftists in the media would have blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the failure of the ‘peace process’ with our neighbor.


Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif shaking hands with PM Modi on December 25, 2015 when the latter made a sudden stopover in Pakistan. Press Information Bureau

So this news should act as a slap on the face of the Indians who do everything possible to create a toned-down, almost exculpatory, narrative of Pakistan’s brutal military establishment and the terrorists they control to target India as well as Afghanistan.

And that this bit of news comes from a powerful Pakistani voice lends a very high degree of credibility to a fact which even the United States and many major world powers silently acknowledge – that Pakistan is a terror-sponsoring nation.

Mohammed Hanif is the author of the famous novel ‘A Case of Exploding Mangoes’. In his opinion piece written for the New York Times on May 4 titled ‘Pakistan’s Triangle of Hate’ Hanif draws a line connecting the Pakistani Army, the Taliban it helped create and their hate for India.

Hanif’s article is very important for a particular revelation – that the Pakistani Army is now shaking hands with a Taliban barbarian called Ehsanullah Ehsan.

Who is Ehsanullah Ehsan?

Ehsan is a prominent terrorist leader of the Jamaat-ur-Ahrar (JuA) faction of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan or TTP.


His outfit is responsible for the 2016 Lahore Suicide bombing on Easter Sunday which killed 75 people. He is the same barbarian who, in 2012 and 2014, released videos showing his outfit with severed heads of Pakistani soldiers they accused of siding with the United States. Ehsan remains unapologetic for a series of barbaric attacks on the Pakistan’s population and the Army.


A file photo of Ehsanullah Ehsan, who is the spokesperson of the TTP. Getty

But what is even more horrific is that this is the man who praised the attacker of Malala Yousafzai and was the one who claimed responsibility for the 2014 Peshawar School attack which left 134 school children dead.


Malala Yousafzai (left) photographed while recovering at a hospital in UK. An injured student (right) is helped to an ambulance by a security force soldier following the attack on a school in Peshawar. Both attacks were carried out by TTP and hailed by Ehsan. PA/AP

So what is Pakistan doing with Ehsan?

Three weeks ago, Ehsan “surrendered” before the Pakistani Army. While the Army claimed that it is a “considerable progress in the betterment of the country’s security situation”, it again played the “good terrorist, bad terrorist” card by claiming that Ehsan was on the “wrong side and returning to good”.

The Pak Army did not reveal any further details. Since the media in Pakistan cannot question the Army, no one dared to investigate further.


Osama bin Laden (left) was found in Pakistan. Hafiz Saeed, (center) chief of LeT and JuD, and Masood Azhar (right), chief of JeM, live freely in Pakistan.

But then a shocking thing came before the Pakistani people; the Pak Army tried to present Ehsan in a sympathetic light through an arranged interview with Geo TV but the country’s media regulatory body, PEMRA, blocked it following an outpouring of anger from the victims of Ehsan’s terror activities.

Pakistani Army is trying to present Ehsan as a stooge of India’s. In April 28, Dawn had reported that the interview would have shown Ehsan revealing how “Indian and Afghan intelligence agencies are funding terrorist outfits”.

So, technically, Pakistani Army wanted Ehsan to lie against India, and anyone who speaks against India is a friend of the Pakistani establishment.

What did Hanif write?

Hanif’s article thus assumes tremendous significance because it is the first to point at Pak Army’s nefarious designs having just one purpose – target India.

Hanif scathingly attacks the Pakistani Army, “With his appearance, the Pakistani Army seemed to be sending this message: You can kill thousands of Pakistanis, but if you later testify that you hate India as much as we do, everything will be forgiven.”


A fundamentalist supporter of terrorist group JuD raises anti-India slogans in Peshawar. Reuters

“The purpose seems to be to suggest that the Taliban are not a formidable force with an ideology and deep roots in Pakistani society, but rather a bunch of sexual perverts bankrolled by India. India, forever our existential enemy,” he adds commenting on a statement by Ehsan in which he claimed that TTP terrorists have three wives.

Rebuking the army for the manner in which they were behaving with a killer of innocent children to further their hateful agenda against India, Hanif puts forward a poignant question: “Do we really need to enlist our children’s killers in our campaign against India?

And not just the Pak Army’s anti-India He then draws the attention to the division within the Pakistani society with regard to Taliban:

“Some see them as barbarians at our door who want to destroy the last vestiges of our faltering democratic and civil order. Others think of them as our misguided brothers: The Taliban, too, want a just society; it’s only their methods that are unacceptable.”

Yet again he chastises the Pakistani Army for “deciding” for the people that Pakistani Taliban is a force that is good because they are against India.

In his article, Hanif also highlighted the Dawn Leaks and the differences between the Pakistani Army and the government led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over the same.

Sharif had earlier told the army to take action against the anti-India terrorist groups in his country but the army is in no mood to listen. And why should they? For an army that practically holds the democracy of a nation by its throat, a PM’s order is no order. It became immediately clear that the Pak Army is still the boss when the army spokesman rejected outright the PM’s notification of sacking an official over Dawn Leaks on Twitter.

How has the Pakistan reacted to Hanif’s article?

The NYT article cannot be accessed in Pakistan because the Army has forced its removal. No one in Pakistan can read the article.

Unlike India, the media in Pakistan is heavily censored by the government and Pakistan’s powerful army. Very recently, some liberal bloggers and prominent poet-activist Salman Haider went missing after they wrote against the army, ISI-sponsored terrorists and fundamentalists. Fingers were pointed at the ISI.

It was only after a nationwide outcry that Haider was returned home.


One of the few marches in Pakistan demanding the recovery of Salman Haider.

But this does not mean that no one else is writing about Pakistani Army’s designs. Mohammad Shehzad, an Islamabad-based freelance journalist, wrote in Pakistan’s Daily Times against the Army’s decision of including Ehsan as a weapon against India.

While severely criticizing them, Shehzad points to a bigger problem for Pakistan and its army:

“No one will ever send their child to join the Army if Ehsanullah Ehsan was not served justice. No soldier will fight terrorists bravely if Ehsan is given amnesty in the name of ‘doctrine of necessity’. Then, the jails will be good only for politicians, journalists and civil rights activists; and gallows for elected prime ministers!”

On the other hand, the people of Pakistan, particularly the parents of the children who died in Peshawar, want Ehsan hanged to death right in front of the school.


But that is not going to happen because Pakistan’s Army controls the entire nation with a vice-like grip. By weaving a false story against India using a barbaric terrorist, Pakistani Army has proved once and for all that it is unscrupulous, and not even their own people should expect justice from such an establishment.


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