Out Of Respect I Will Stand Even For Pakistan’s National Anthem: Sonu Nigam

5:05 pm 27 Oct, 2017


Amidst the growing controversy about playing of National Anthem in public places, famous singer Sonu Nigam has come out with a statement expressing his deep respect for national anthems of all countries around the world, adding that he would stand up even if Pakistan’s national anthem is being played.

Nigam waded into controversy earlier this year when he said he is irked by morning Azaan IndiaTV

He said:

If the national anthem of Pakistan is played and all Pakistanis are standing, I will also stand out of respect for that country, and those people.


In saying this, he also mentioned that he is against national anthems being played in theaters and restaurants:

There are some people who are saying the national anthem should be there (in cinema halls), some say it should not be there. The national anthem is a prestigious and sensitive thing and I think it should not be played in certain places– in movie theaters or restaurants.

Steering clear of the controversy the Supreme Court, on Monday, had directed the Center to make a decision about playing of national anthem at public places, including the movie theaters. The singer, who has often landed up with controversies over his views, compared a national anthem with one’s parents to make his point. He said:

I respect my parents and if I know they will not be respected at certain places, why should I take them there? I want them to be respected when they go out. Similarly, the national anthem should not be played at places where it will not be respected.

Having said that, he also mentioned that his ardent respect for the Indian National Anthem will be intact irrespective of the places it is played at and he will stand up even if it is played in movie theaters.

Talking to the media on the sidelines of a program held in Mumbai, Nigam said:

If it is played then we should stand up, there should be no ego in that. If I am a good and understanding person I will stand up for the national anthem of any country.

Even if the national anthem of US is played, I will stand up. If it is played, then why I should disrespect it?  I am not a leftist or rightist, I am in the middle.

Sonu Nigam has been one of India’s most successful singers and also a youth icon Indiatimes


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