So Afraid Is Pakistan Of Donald Trump That Pakistani Media Now Claims He Is Of Pakistani Origin

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5:34 pm 11 Nov, 2016

The night Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America, many in Pakistan pissed in their pants. (Yes, that’s quite offensive to state, but that’s true!) Some people in Pakistan were not very happy about Trump becoming President because of his perceived anti-Muslim (read radical Muslim) stance.

To alleviate the fears of the radicals and those in Pakistani establishment who think that Trump is going to tramp on their bottoms, a media channel did something amazing – it aired a feature of Trump’s…ahem…Pakistani origin.

According to Pakistani channel Neo News, Trump was born Dawood Ibrahim Khan. (Sounds like a long lost cousin of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar.)

He lived in Waziristan and lost his parents in a road accident in 1954. He was then adopted by a British Indian Army officer who took him to London. There Dawood was adopted by the Trump family who gave him his now famous identity.

As an evidence the channel used a photo of this blond-haired young boy doing the rounds of social media.




And here is the entire video.


Okay, Pakistani media, you made us all laugh.

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