Pak High Commission Staffer Who Is Accused Of Espionage Claims His Source Is Posted In ISRO

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1:31 pm 29 Oct, 2016

In a video recording made on October 27, Mehmood Akhtar, the Pakistan High Commission staffer who has been accused of espionage claimed that he got him information from inside ISRO.

According to reports, Akhtar was undergoing a video-recorded interrogation when he made the claim and said that he sourced his “sensitive” information from an official in Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).


Indian Express

Mehmood Akhtar Indian Express

This interrogation took place before Akhtar was handed over to the Pakistan High Commission.

The reports also claim that on being asked about his informers and sources, Akhtar disclosed many names, including names of other ISI agents who are posted in the Pakistan High Commission.

Besides names for few ISI agents, Akhtar also named an ISRO official who he claims provided him with sensitive details about the country.

The interrogation lasted for almost an hour, with at least 45 minutes of Akhtar’s questioning by Delhi Police being recorded on tape.

According to Indian Express, the questioning was done in Hindi and Akhtar was “trembling” during his interrogation.

“He was uncomfortable at first but after drinking some water he calmed down. Officers told him they already knew about his operation and were only trying to corroborate the information they had.”

It was Akhtar who disclosed the names of Ramzan Khan and Subhash Jangir who were also arrested on October 27 and gave names of other alleged informants within India.


File photo of ISRO HQ in Bangalore.The Hindu

File photo of ISRO HQ in Bangalore.The Hindu

The Pak High Commission meanwhile has denied all these allegations and in a retaliatory gesture even declared an Indian High Commission official posted in Islamabad, Surjeet Singh, as “persona non grata.”


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