Pak Paper Slams Islamabad’s Take On Terror; Says One Cannot Play ‘Good Terrorist, Bad Terrorist’

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5:29 pm 26 Oct, 2016

In an editorial in a Pakistan’s The Express Tribune newspaper, the writer has condemned Pakistan in the strongest possible terms and pointed out Islamabad’s flawed and dangerous ‘good terrorist, bad terrorist’ policy.


The editorial has further blamed Pakistan’s flawed policy for the horrific terror attack in Quetta on October 25, which had killed 61 people.

“Pakistan either fights terrorism, all terrorism, or it does not. No half measures. No favourites…There are no ‘good terrorists’ or ‘bad terrorists’ and the Quetta attack is a fundamental policy failure in large part caused by the inability of the Establishment and assorted politicians to read off the same page. Or even work to the same playbook.”

The editorial, which was published on October 25, talks about other past massacres in the country and strongly criticizes the National Counterterrorism Authority (NACTA) of Pakistan for remaining largely inactive and not serving its purpose of countering terrorism.


In the past 24 hours, the Pakistan’s security institutions have been strongly condemned across the world for protecting people they consider ‘good terrorists’.


Representational Image. Alalam

Representational Image. Alalam

The editorial slams Pakistan for saving these “good terrorists” – the one that aims their attacks toward India and Afghanistan and rather than at Pakistan and condemning only ‘Bad terrorists’ like the ones that struck the police training academy in Quetta.

The editorial said that this distinction to fight against terror will be completely ineffectual if they don’t ‘stop this practice’ and take strict action towards all terrorists, not just the one ‘they consider to be bad’.

With this, The Tribune now joins the growing number media houses in Pakistan that have questioned Islamabad’s inaction on terror and slammed them for its delineation of terrorists as ‘good’ and ‘bad’.


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