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Pak Minister Md. Zubair Celebrates India’s Defeat On Twitter; Gets Trolled With Awesome Replies

Published on 3 April, 2016 at 11:37 am By

It was a close defeat for Indian Cricket Team on March 31 when they lost to West Indies during the semi final of the World T20 event.


Though India lost, the fans loved the excitement of the game that went up to final over and respected both the teams for the way they played the match.


standing ovation

Even as Indian cricket team walked off the field, Pakistan’s Minister of State for Privatization, Mohmmad Zubair took to Twitter to express his delight over India loosing the match.



He followed his initial Tweet with a second one:



The tweet irked Indian cricket fans and they soon started started trolling him with some befitting replies.


Few even politely reminded the minister, that Pakistan themselves have never defeated India in any World T20 or World Cup event.




Then there were few who not only reminded him that he was Minister of State, but also that it was not a good ‘neighbourly’ habit to ‘peep through others windows.’




Then there were few who were not so polite and didn’t like Zubair’s ‘loser approach’ to the match.





Unfortunately, Zubair was not the only neighbour of India that celebrated India’s defeat. Last week Bangladesh Cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim, too had sent out an Tweet expressing his delight over India’s defeat. Though he later deleted the tweet and apologised for it, many fans were still not happy with his conduct.





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