Pakistani Baby Rohaan Dies Of Dehydration After Successful Surgery In India

4:30 pm 10 Aug, 2017


Recently, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj granted a medical visa to a four-month-old infant from Pakistan. On July 14, Rohaan Sadiq was treated in Jaypee Hospital in Noida. It is now reported that the baby passed away on Monday night due to dehydration, after the surgery was successful.



Taking to Twitter, his father, Kanwal Sadiq, wrote:

Amidst skirmishes between India and Pakistan, Kanwal had appealed Swaraj to grant a medical visa to his son. Earlier he had tweeted:

Why my bud suffers for medical treatment!! Any answers Sir Sartaaj Azeez or Ma’am Sushma??

To his tweet, Swaraj had tweeted:

The operation was led by Dr Rajesh Sharma and his team of doctors. Dr Sharma explained:

He had a hole in his heart and the aorta, that is on the left side of the heart was coming from the right side. Pulmonary arteries were coming from the left side which was exactly the opposite of the structure of the body. Due to multiple VSD, oxygen less blood was flowing in his body and his body was turning blue.


The surgery had continued for almost five hours. After his baby received treatment, Kanwal thanked Swaraj, saying, “The heart of my child beats today for Madam Sushma Swaraj. I would like to request her to open doors for those Pakistanis who have been waiting for medical visas. It is my humble request.”

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