Days After Pak Army Chief Accused R&AW, Documents Reveal ISI Hand In CIA Agents’ Death

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7:15 pm 16 Apr, 2016


Just a few days ago, the Pakistani Army Chief General Raheel Sharif accused India’s external intelligence agency R&AW of trying to destabilize Pakistan by involving itself with the Balochistan separation struggle.

At Gwadar, the Pak Army chief said that R&AW’s aim is to destroy the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.




His statement was amusing because unlike ISI’s known involvement in terrorism against India, there is no evidence against the alleged anti-Pakistani activities by India.

Hell, Indians would be overjoyed if it is proved that the R&AW indeed is into something like this.


The funnier part is that the Pak army chief claimed that he would not leave “any stone unturned” to make the CPEC a success.

There are many reasons why we called the army chief’s assertion funny. But instead of listing all of them, let us point at two very recent events which prove that Pakistani army fits the adage ‘empty vessels sound much’.




One reason why the army chief’s claim that it is the R&AW doing mischief in Balochistan is laughable is because declassified documents released on April 16 show that Pakistan’s ISI funded terrorists to carry out an operation against CIA.





A Reuters report says that the document, dated February 2010, cites an unidentified Pakistani ISI officer providing $200,000 to the Haqqani network and another man “to enable the attack on Chapman.”

Chapman was a Forward Operating Base in Khost in eastern Afghanistan which came under attack on December 30, 2009. Seven CIA officers were killed and six were left injured.

The second reason is Pakistan’s own internal situation. As of now, the Pakistani army is trying to control a gang. Yes, a gang, not highly trained terrorists!


A criminal gang is holding 24 hostages on an island in the Indus River in The Punjab district of the country. The name of the gang? Chotu Gang!




It is the 11th day of the operation involving 1600 security personnel and yet a bunch of gangsters have been able to hold fort on a 10 kms long island.

Of course, the Pak army is blaming the R&AW for this too.


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