Your Kids Will Love These Amazing 15 Painting Techniques

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6:00 pm 11 Mar, 2016


It’s always amazing to do fun activities with your children. You learn numerous stuff while teaching them. Painting is considered to be an act of meditation. It provides peace to your mind and gives wings to your creativity and hence, it is highly recommended for kids. This is the compilation of some different painting techniques that you can try with your children and have a good time with them!


1. The cracked wax effect

This is one of the interesting technique that you have to do on a thin sheet. Draw whatever you want on a thin paper with wax crayons and then crumple it up. After doing this, smooth it up again and cover the whole sheet with dark paint. Rinse the excess amount of paper and let it dry. You can iron it later.



2. Cardboard stamps

Cut cardboard strips each of 1.5×3 cm. Now, dip the strip in fresh paint hold it horizontally and make patterns with in on a sheet of paper.



3. Fist stamps

Just make your kids clutch their fists.Then dip it into some paint and make imprints over paper. You can use your creative ideas and make any pattern or painting with this technique. One is the under water scene shown below.



4. Leaves stamps

Take leaves of different shapes and sizes. With this you will be able to give knowledge regarding leaves to you kids. Now dip the leaves in fresh paint and create drawings by making imprints over the sheet.



5. Salt drawings

If you spread salt over a watercolor painting when it’s still drying, the painting will get an amazing granule effect as the salt will become saturated.



6. Old household brush art

You can use your old toothbrush for this type of painting. Just dip it into some fresh paint and enjoy!



7. Marble paper

You can use any combination of light and dark paint in this technique. As per the image, cover the sheet with yellow color and then when it dries, cover it with pink color and put food wrap over it. Then purposely create wrinkles. Remove the food wrap after the color dries.



8. Drawing with watercolors


Draw a pattern with watercolors and while it’s drying add other blob of colors to create different shades and smoothening effects.



9. Vegetable stamps

This one is the same as leaves stamps. Cut vegetables and fruits into two halves and carve a pattern on them. Dip them in paint and make imprints over the paper.



10. Monotyping

Paint over a plain surface and then take its imprint on a sheet of paper. If you want it more diluted, then soak the paper in advance.



11. Scratch board

Take a sheet of cardboard and color it with different shades and then paint it black. Now, as the name suggest this method involves scratching. When the black paint dries, take a toothpick and scratch whatever pattern you want to.



12. Air paint

Mix a tablespoon of self-rising flour, several drops of food coloring, and a tablespoon of salt. Add some water and stir the mixture until it has the consistency of cream. Draw pattern with the help of an icing piper and then put it into a microwave oven for 10-30 seconds at full capacity.



13. Finger printing

Well, this will be fun. Dip you child’s finger in fresh paint and make patter over a sheet of paper with the help of fingerprints.



14. Hand and foot prints

This is similar to fingerprint technique. paint your hands and feet with different colors. Your kids will enjoy making imprints over the paper or cardboard.



15. Frottage

This is an easy technique. Many children love this and learn it quickly. Place a textured object under a sheet of paper and color it with pastel paints, crayons or a blunt pencil.



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