The Long Wait Is Over, Guys. ‘Padmavat’ Is Likely To Be Released On This Day In January

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3:40 pm 8 Jan, 2018

Last year turned out to be disappointing for the film Industry with many big-budget films failing to make a mark. Further delay in Padmavati’s release also made the things worse.



In the midst of heated debates, the Central Board of Film Certification took the responsibility of pacifying the matter.  Now, they have given the U/A certificate to the film after the filmmakers showed the final print incorporating the modifications suggested by the board members. There were only five modifications which were recommended by the review committee of CBFC and a special panel of historians.




Now, as the movie is cleared by CBFC, reportedly,  it is all set to release on January 25, 2018.

Unfortunately, the movie would clash with Akshay Kumar’s ‘Padman’ which is also a huge release. Certainly, the business of both these films will be affected but at the same time, both these films hold a strong threshold to make an impact.



Though the official release date of ‘Padmavati’ is yet to be announced by the producers, ‘Padman’ producers have confirmed that they won’t postpone their release despite the clash. They said:

I am clueless what is happening… with clash. I have no idea about it. Even we have heard about it. All we know is ‘Padman’ is releasing on January 25. Akshay announced it officially.

Well, we can’t wait to watch both these special movies.


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