22 Common Things That Every ‘Padaku’ Guy In The Class Does

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12:00 pm 28 Nov, 2015


I m sure if you are not a ‘kitabi keeda’, you might have often encountered people whom you always call ‘padaku’. For me, these people were really intolerable during my school and college life, as I thought it was only due to them, I was forced to do a hell of a lot of schoolwork. Well, being padaku does not only last your school and college life, but unfortunately they grow up to be a dreary and underutilized source of romance. Here we lilst some common things which every padaku guy in the class does.


1. They want to attend each and every lecture held; it doesn’t matter even if there is a curfew going on.


2. They admit to being scholars and enjoying scholarly pursuits throughout the year.



3. They always carry a pencil or pen in their pockets to note down anything they think is important.


4. They are very clear about their future and probably know what they will be earning in the initial days of their job!


5. They are highly irresponsive towards jokes or any fun celebrations going on.


6. For them, the best birthday gift can always be a bunch of books or some novels.


7. Whenever they log on to the internet, they first type ‘How to become successful in life’.


8. You will always find them accompanied by either of their parents.


9. They get nightmares when they see someone else studying more than them!


10. They are specialists in making freaky faces when they see students enjoying themselves during the free period.


11. For them, WhatsApp was only meant to share notes and solve a few doubts.

They would rather prefer to contact the professor directly than classmates.


12. They want to save some play time to read a few more pages of books.


13. Their cupboard is completely stuffed with notes, books and novels.


14. They always want to get some extra notes before an exam by hook or crook.


15. They are always the ones who are the teachers’ pets.


16. For them Facebook mean sharing some obscure or successful person’s quotes.


17. That weird situation in class, when this padaku has scored the highest but still wants to cry for losing a few marks.


18. Their camera folder is filled with some important notes randomly taken in class.


19. They are mostly single, because they just won’t allow love to overtake books.


20. They are the people who will always judge others by their marks and attendance!


21. They grow up to be mind-numbing and unromantic adults.


22. They are very motivated to be successful in life; they jump out of bed everyday to get ahead.