Payal Rohatgi Tweets About Being A Proud Hindu And Twitterati Showers Her With Praises

1:10 pm 21 Apr, 2018


Bollywood celebrities recently joined the outrage to protest and demand justice for 8-years-old raped in Kathua, Jammu. Under “#justiceforourchild,” many celebrities showed their support by posting their pictures with a placard with these words written:



Here are some of the posts by the celebrities:






A post shared by Kalki (@kalkikanmani) on



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The Netizens were, however, not very happy with this protest. They condemned it as an effort to politicize a heinous crime. Also, they accused the celebrities of showing their ‘selective outrage.’ In Unnao, Uttar Pradesh another teenage girl accused ruling BJP legislator Kuldeep Singh Sengar of raping her. The users pointed out that there is no mention of justice for her in any posts from the celebrities. Here are some reactions:









Following that, Indian actress Payal Rohatgi shared a tweet saying that highlighting the word “Temple” in the placards is idiotic as it’s just the place of crime, same as the empty bus during “Nirbhaya” rape case in Delhi. She posted:


She further expressed her anguish over the communal division surrounding the case. Here’s what she posted:


Then she tweeted stating that she is a proud Hindu and not ashamed of her religion. Furthermore, she highlighted the fact that she is no ‘sheep’ and uses her brains when protesting against the horrifying crimes rather than following the trend. Here’s her tweet:


This tweet from her attracted supportive comments from the Twitterati. They praised her for taking a stand and expressed their ‘pride’ for her. Read the comments here:







She also posted a video on social media site Instagram about how bringing communal angle in the Kathua rape case is making the main issue stray away. Watch the video here:



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