Oxford Student Claims He Was Harassed By Indians On Quora For Solving JEE Question Paper

3:09 pm 13 Jul, 2017


For an 18- or 19-year-old, fresh out of school, facing and clearing this paper is a big deal. But common sense says that a person already done with graduation in Physics and pursuing Masters will be able to command the right answers with the ease of breeze. But again, we are sentimental and couldn’t grasp how a physics scholar could possibly solve an undergrad entrance-level question paper.

Jack Fraser, an Oxford student doing Master in Physics, claims he was harassed for solving JEE Advance question paper on Quora.

Now, this brash behavior can be traced back to many problematic scenarios an average Indian student goes through. Firstly, a student is pressurized into becoming either doctor or an engineer. Then the pressure to take coaching classes, perform well in those classes, and crack the JEE exam which is considered to be mighty tough.

The prestigious Oxford University in London. Oxford

Fraser recently shared his horrific experience with some delusional Indian nerds who actually abused the guy for solving the JEE paper in less than the time usually allotted to students.

“Can Jack Fraser solve the JEE paper?” was the question on Quora. He took the challenge of solving the paper. That’s what people extremely involved in their vocation do. He writes what transpired further:


“I thought it would be a laugh to sit down and do the paper, and see how I did.

There were two papers, about 80 multiple choice questions each.


This is where I made my mistake.

I told them how I breezed through it. I did it in about a third of the allowed time, and with 100% correct answers.”

Jack writes in bold that it was a “big mistake.” Unknowingly, he hurt the sentiments of students who probably thought that JEE paper is ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ to find the meaning of life, and Jack just revealed what was not supposed to come out.

Jack categorically explains in simple points as to why all the hullabaloo could have ignored if people who abused him understood these simple points.

“I am a third year physics student.

This is a high school-level paper, taken by ~17 year olds who haven’t spent 3 years at university studying physics.

I have been sitting physics exams every year for nigh-on 7 years now.

Multiple choice makes exams immeasurably easier.”

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As a result of his participation, he was insulted by calling names like “scum” and “a liar.” The madness did not stop here as the abusers found him and his family on Facebook.

“My mother got some graphic pictures of male genitalia. My brother got sent threats. My Facebook profile picture was reported for ‘graphic indecency’ a few times, and I had a flood of abusive message appearing in my “Message Request” box. One guy sent me a picture of my (old) university accommodation, saying they knew where I lived*, and that he was going to “shiv” me. [sic]”


After all the mayhem created on Quora and Facebook, Jack kept his cool and in the end, using the prized common sense, he assured people that “a small, idiotic minority” will not tarnish the image of Indians in his eyes. He doesn’t need any apology or explanation from others.