12,000 Drivers Are Set To Lose Their License For Speeding On The Yamuna Expressway

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5:36 pm 22 Jul, 2017


The UP government has decided to suspend the license of 12,000 drivers for speeding over the Yamuna Expressway.

Notices have been sent to some 12,000 drivers who were caught speeding on the Expressway and were challaned more than four times for the same. So far, 11,634 drivers have been found, of which more than 500 come from Agra.

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The data was presented during the meeting between Agra transport officials and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority on Wednesday. The main point of the meeting was to find solutions for the increasing number of accidents on the expressway.


Agra Regional Transport Official, Anil Kumar, commented,

We have started issuing notices. It takes time to locate the addresses where the vehicles are registered. It was difficult to get hold of every speeding vehicle even when transport officials were on duty at the expressway. Many drivers were not aware of the gravity of the situation, how over-speeding has made the expressway prone to accidents. It has been decided that if any vehicle is found with more than four challans, the transport department will suspend the driving licence immediately.

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Kumar also informed that the department has a tie-up with toll booths to provide them with a list of speeding vehicles. The defaulters will be charged under Sec 304A of IPC. They will also be fined between Rs.300-500. He also revealed that, often, when over-speeding cars are halted, the officials find other traffic rule violations as well.

807 challans were issued between June 1-21, out of which 109 cars were from Agra. The expressway has witnessed 548 deaths since its opening in 2013.



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