Politicians Beware: Over 5 Lakh People Pressed The NOTA Button In Tamil Nadu

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12:43 pm 21 May, 2016


Jayalalitha-led AIADMK has once again returned to power. The party was able to prove the exit polls wrong and repeat history.

But unlike previous elections, the party did not register a landslide victory.


On the other hand, DMK won a total of 99 seats for DMK+ making them into a strong opposition for AIDMK.

DMK chief Karunanidhi explained that the vote share was very close – 39.7 per cent of votes for DMK and 40.8 per cent for AIADMK.






Yet both parties failed to notice a change in the electorate’s mood – the option of None of The Above (NOTA).

It was back in 2011 that the Election Commission had introduced the NOTA button, giving voters the option to nullify their votes and not choose any of the candidates that were representing their ward.


In Tamil Nadu’s election, as many as 5,57,888 people opted for NOTA option (1.3 per cent of total votes), more than the difference of votes between AIADMK and DMK.




Going by stats, it comes out that one in every 100 voters opted for NOTA in Tamil Nadu, a figure which comes down to one in every 50 voters in Chennai alone.

The figure clearly shows that both parties didn’t see the fact that there were high number of people who had lost their faith in the present voting system.

One also needs to look at 2014 Lok Sabha elections were as many as 60 lakh voters (approx) had opted for NOTA which was more than the votes secured by 21 parties at that time.


Mikeash Worth

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At that time too as many as 5,82,062 voters that 1.4 per cent voters in Tamil Nadu had opted for this option.

One also needs to understand that NOTA is relatively new and not many are aware of the option and thus do not know that they get to express dissent.



High time people understand that having no one to vote, doesn’t mean you vote for the wrong person or not vote at all.