A Record 43 “Out” Athletes To Participate In The Rio Olympics

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9:48 pm 2 Aug, 2016

We’ve all heard the phrase “Out and Proud” at some point in our lives, especially in recent years. At least those of us who haven’t been living under a rock, have! It’s a brave thing, being “out” in a world that hates without reason, and without limits.

43 such brave athletes will be participating in the Summer Olympics that begin next week in Rio. And Brazil isn’t known for being LGBTQ friendly.


Courage isn’t only about carrying guns and manning borders. It takes courage to be everything you are. It takes strength not to cower in the face of rampant hate and bigotry, and find within yourself the pride to stand tall and be anything and everything that makes you you!

Here’s wishing these and all the other athletes all the luck in the world. May their talent be the only thing that matters out on the field!


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