A 9-Yr-Old Orphan Girl Wants To Become A Teacher And A Collector Is Making It Possible

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Updated on 5 May, 2016 at 2:12 pm


The sad story of a nine-year-old girl moved Dungarpur collector Surendra Kumar Solanki so much that he decided to adopt the girl and give her a better life.

Chhaya Pargi was just another inmate at a child shelter home, Muskan, in the city. An orphan at an early age, Chhaya survived the cruelty of her relatives.

One day, she managed to escape but ended up unconscious on the road. It was there that Child Line members found her and decided to help. They took her to Muskan, where she was among a host of other children who have no one to look after them.



Chhaya with Collector Solanki. UdaipurKiran

Collector Solanki came to know of her plight upon his visit to the institution.

And so the Collector decided that the administration will bear all educational and personal expenses of Chhaya so that she can realize her dream of becoming a teacher.

A report says that the Collector has appointed principal of District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) Abha Mehta as her local guardian. He has instructed that the girl be admitted to an English-medium school and that her progress should be monitored.


One good Collector thus changed the life of a little child. Estimates suggest that there are over 30 million orphans in India, but only about 2,500 were adopted in 2014 – a figure that is down from 5,700 since 2010.

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