Orkut Competes With Facebook, Makes A Comeback In India In A Brand New Avatar

2:17 pm 12 Apr, 2018


It was at least a decade ago when the netizens were introduced, probably to the first ever social networking platform named Orkut. It appeared like a major breakthrough on the internet where people were able to share and connect with each other.



However, Facebook entered the industry and stole the limelight from Orkut by becoming the biggest social networking platform and leading to its shut down in 2014.

Now, all thanks to Cambridge Analytica data breach, when people are corroborating to #DeleteFacebook, Orkut Buyukkokten, the founder of Orkut has made a major comeback in India with the launch of ‘Hello’ as a new social media application providing a possible alternative to Facebook.



Orkut created the biggest buzz among the young generation on the internet when it was launched in 2004. Now, it has come in a new avatar as ‘Hello’ in such a time when the social media users are dealing with the issue of privacy and data breach.

With ‘Hello’ launched in India, founder Orkut Buyukkokten brings those people together who share similar interests to create a meaningful, positive and authentic connection and sustain social engagement.




Apparently, the app was first launched in Brazil with nearly one million downloads as of now. The app focuses on the users’ hobbies, passions and obsessions while letting them choose personas to show their interest areas. There are categories of personas including geek, traveler, photographer, cat-lover, clubber and so on.

Some of the features of the app include ‘Personas’ that will make the users choose traits that define them, ‘Folio’ will provide content to the user feed about their interests, ‘Communities’ that will make the user get in touch with other users of the same interests and ‘Make Connections’ that will allow the user to chat with each other.



Orkut was earlier owned and operated by Google and was shut down September 30, 2014. The former founder of Orkut and now the CEO of San-Francisco based Hello Network Inc., Orkut Buyukkokten has tried to enter the industry with ‘Hello’. The app claims to provide a secure social networking experience to users in India.



The app is available both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.