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Original ‘Iron Man’ Suit Worth $300K Gets Stolen And This Is How Marvel Fans Reacted

Published on 11 May, 2018 at 12:11 pm By

This is probably the kind of news one needs to poke fun at Hollywood and its insanity. It’s not often that you hear a film costume getting stolen from a Hollywood warehouse, but when it does, LAPD gets into action! Yes, this isn’t just a costume which has gone missing, but one which is valued at a jaw-dropping value of $325,000! We’re talking about the original Iron Man suit worn by actor Robert Downey Jr in the first film Marvel franchise which someone just stole from a prop storage facility!




Los Angeles police are investigating the sudden disappearance of the suit which went missing from a Pacoima warehouse. Robert Downey Jr. played the role of Anthony Edward “Tony Stark” which was shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film franchise. His alter ego in the film was called as ‘The Iron Man‘.



The suit became famous in the 2008 movie. One of the employees at the warehouse “just happened” to notice its disappearancea and the Foothill Division of the LAPD got going. So much action for one suit?!



The original Iron Man suit must have gone missing between February and April 25 this year as alleged, but it’s shocking for the actor who wore it. The film which made an astonishing $580 million at the box office, transformed Robert Downey Jr. as a celebrity overnight and an iconic Hollywood movie star.




The actor now charges a $20 million plus pay package for such fictions. Downey has since appeared as the character in nine subsequent Marvel movies, the latest recent being Avengers: Infinity War which released in April 2018.



This original Iron Man suit was only just a B comic book character before Robert Downey Jr. made Tony Star aka Iron Man, a Hollywood household name and leading star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



However, since the news of this treasured piece of the real Iron Man suit stolen emerged, people on social media couldn’t help but poke fun at Robert Downey Jr. Let’s have a look at the funny reactions:










All the fun shifted to Robert Downey Jr.!






While some users even got nostalgic!



We do hope that this was just a dirty joke and this iconic piece is back to where it belongs, which is this:



Marvel fans would wish to see Robert Downey Jr. kiss this iconic costume in its original place (hopefully if the thief changes mind!).







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