Reel Meets Real: The ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Parade Float At Canadian Pride

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9:24 pm 18 Jul, 2016

Canadian Pride, 2016 has been in the news a lot because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made history when he led the Pride Parade earlier this month.

Many members of the cast of popular Netflix show, ‘Orange Is The New Black’ were part of the parade, too. OITNB had its own parade float, and the actors look like they were there as much for the cause as for promoting their series.

A series set in a women’s prison in New York, ‘Orange Is The New Black’ is what one would classify as an LGBT show. The cast has been part of Pride parades all over the place — New York, Canada, and even Brazil!


1. Gloria, Daya, Poussey, Maritza, and Flaca.


2. Poussey.


3. Daya with a fan.


4. The inmates and the cops.


5. True to form, Maritza and Flaca being weird.


6. The OITNB parade float.


7. You couldn’t miss that orange float if you tried.


8. Poussey, Gloria, and Daya.


10. The Spanish chicas recreating their on-screen lip lock.



The Prime Minister leads the parade, actors come out and support the cause. It must be nice to live in a world where “live and let live” isn’t just a saying! India, is such a long, long way away from that!



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