If You Are Too Optimistic, Then (Damn It!) You Will Always Be Late For Office

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3:03 pm 13 Jul, 2016


Before we talk about how positivity can make you unpunctual, let’s list down the morning ritual of an optimistic person:

6:00 AM  – He wakes up. Just as planned. His office time – 11:00 PM. Still 5 hours left. Great going!

Soon, he realizes that he has got up a lot earlier than others and, hence, he decides to sleep for another 30 mins.


6:45 AM  – Now, he actually starts his day and has approximately 2 hours to get ready. Good enough. He utilizes the next 15 mins making his to-do list.

  • Gym
  • Newspaper reading
  • Cooking breakfast
  • Getting ready

Just too super excited about everything, in reality, he is unable to do anything perfectly well. By 10 PM, he has still not decided what to wear, breakfast is half-cook and he half-heartedly did his workout because he had so many other things to do.

Somehow, he gets ready by 10:30 AM and, as expected, reaches office half-an-hour late. The boss shouts, “Why can’t you wake up early?”.


No, bro, it’s not your fault. You are not  lazy, unproductive or inconsiderate. Your lateness is simply a result of your psychology and personality.


Being more optimistic makes you believe that you can fit more tasks into a limited amount of time. Simply put, you are too HOPEFUL to do everything which in the end confuses you and hinders your decision-making process. You actually make unrealistic plans and poorly estimate time. 

Multitasking is about completing two keys plans on time rather than focusing on 4-5 things in hand.


As per a study conducted at San Diego State University, those who are laid-back and easygoing don’t waste time over the small stuff, they actually don’t have any plans, they concentrate on the big picture and use the time as it comes.

For them, morning is all about getting ready. Nothing else. They are free from the pressure of doing multiple things and end up doing activities that are more significant and necessary.

So, I guess one should keep one’s mornings as simple as possible.



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