These Open Gyms Could Be Just The Thing You Need To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

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9:29 pm 27 May, 2016

Last I heard, we have terrible lifestyles that are doing much damage to our systems. As a result, various health and exercise options have flooded the market. Every sinful desert tries to prove it’s full of nutrients and every electric contraption aims to be “greener” than the last.

Open gyms at parks are a great idea as you can go with your friends and family to the park whenever you’re free without having to pay a huge membership fee.

Open Gym Faridabad


The worst thing about our situation though is that we’re much too lazy to do anything about it. We join gyms and buy yoga videos, but we do zilch. However, it is easy enough to walk to a nearby park and do some exercises with your friends.

These people were working out at an open gym in Faridabad. This initiative can help citizens stay healthier and happier and should be adopted at more parks in the NCR and across India.

Open Gym Faridabad


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