Open-ended Movies Are Becoming The New B-Town Trend. Are You In For This New Game?

4:19 pm 25 Nov, 2018


The good always prevails over evil! Well, most of the Bollywood movies have taken this mantra for success for many years. Naturally, the good here is the hero and the evil is the villain. What is the heroine then? Of course, the necessary ornamental touch! The time period of the ‘40s to ‘60s is known as the golden era of the Indian cinema. There are lots of reasons behind that and one of them is the making of open-ended movies in Bollywood. Recently, we are seeing the revival of open-ended movies in Bollywood and that certainly is giving us high hopes.

Some of the new-age cinemas are more inclined to come up with such movies that are far away from the clichéd repetitive stories. They are the perfect balance of intricacy and complexity which adds on to the entertainment factor.




Before further elaborating on this point, let us take you through some of the movies. They are the ones which have bagged praises from critiques and audiences alike. So, here are few among many open-ended movies in Bollywood that are slowly changing the face of Hindi cinema.


1. Lunchbox



The first name that pops up in the mind when we are talking about open-ended movies in Bollywood is none other than Lunchbox. The movie ends with one of the protagonists waiting for her daughter’s arrival from school. Did she decide to take the step she wanted to or is she too scared to live her monotonous life? The director playfully leaves it on the audience to decide.


2. No Smoking



With John Abraham in the lead, this is a movie that deals with multiple elements of surrealism. An ahead-of-its-time movie, it will take you through a fascinating journey that leads to a speculative end.


3. Stree



Recently released, this horror-comedy lets the audience plunge into the world of guessing with its open-ended climax. At the end of the movie, the director leaves it on the audience to decide who is the real villain? Is it the ghost the protagonists defeated or someone among them?


4. Masaan



Though not entirely open-ended, this film certainly leaves the audience with lots of questions. It shows two people meeting at the end of the movie who have been fighting to cope up with the meaning of life and death. The film ends with a brief conversation between the two, leaving the audience wondering about what happened next.


5. Andhadhun



Last but not least, this movie raises the question about the protagonist itself. Is the lead character Ayushman Khurana really blind or not? Maybe that’s a question the audiences have to answer.



Why there is a rise in the making of open-ended movies in Bollywood? During an interview, ace actress Kalki Koechlin said:

“Open-ended stories are one form. It’s a choice that a writer makes. It is valid. It allows for imagination just like audiobooks — voice influences the way you listen to it, but it opens up a lot of imagination compared to the visual.”



Film trade analyst Girish Johar also expressed his views on this shift in trends:

“With the advent of multiplexes and social media, consumers nowadays are a little more proactive and more involved in discussions at various levels. That makes their mindset open. First, they want the audiences to be a little more engaged and involved in the product. Secondly, the makers want them to take home whatever they want to, since it’s an open end; and, lastly, if the film does well at the box office, it also gives makers a chance to launch a franchise or sequel or take the story forward.”



In my personal opinion, the open-ended movies certainly create a win-win situation for everyone. The smart and intelligent filmmakers are connecting well with the audience through their strong storytelling, superb cast, and open-ended conclusion.



Are you someone who likes this trend of open-ended movies in Bollywood? Let us know in the comments below. For those who want to get a taste of movies from a different era of Bollywood, check out the list of these best Bollywood movies.

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