10 Things That Only A Good Dancer Can Relate To

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Updated on 30 Aug, 2018 at 4:43 pm


Dancing, where you learn and unlearn time and again. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who have this tea every day, a lot of assumptions are made as a result.

1. Request to shake a leg

The umpteen number of times you are asked to show a move might embarrass you.

2. Get dressed in a jiffy

You are expected to apply your dance performance situations in day-to-day life by quickly changing clothes.

3. You must have a lot of stamina


You get tired too! But with your extreme dancing regime, it is thought otherwise.

4. You are a dancer by profession?

Don’t you find yourself explaining how dancing can also be a profession, not just a passion?

5. “Can you teach me how to dance?” requests

Your talent is craved by all and, as a result, you might have to start holdng dancing classes.

6. I can’t eat that!

Though your dancing schedule keeps you pretty fit, you often get conscious about extra fat.

7. Dance for free

Not all your dance performance are rewarding, some might just showcase your talent.

8. Craving for perfection

You never stop learning! The perfect stance is what you continuously aim for.

9. Undefined obsession

Do you find your feet moving subconsciously? The craze for dance dwells in your mind and soul.

10. I can do that too

Call it competition or learning, you get all charged up with challenges.



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