28 Outfits That Prove Online Shopping Can Fool The Smartest Shopper

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6:17 pm 20 Mar, 2015



1. Different neckline, different lace, different dress.

2. The second one looks unfinished.

3. That’s just ripping people off.

4. This one can be attributed to size differences.

5. The second one looks like your local tailor’s efforts.

6. Is it the color?

7. Now that’s a bad fit.

8. They avoided showing how it’d look in a different position.

9. Size difference at work again.

10. Bead-work can make or break a dress.

11. WTH!!

12. Again, different lace, different style, different dress.

13. How much of a height difference are we talking about?

14. That’s a waistcoat.

15. Different dress!

16. A very poor replica of the original.

17. The second one looks like a 4th grader’s craft class effort.

18. Completely fraudulent.

19. Did they decide to keep half the stones and beads?

20. She tried to have Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress.

21. Again, the height difference seems to be a lot.

22. Not the same dress! Not the same dress!

23. The sleeves and the belt are ridiculously wrong.

24. That’s not a wide hemline.

25. Are these even remotely similar?

26. Oh. My. God.

27. That dress needs a makeover ASAP.

28. Quality and not quality.

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