Online Retailer Sells Hanuman T-Shirts And Gave ‘Special’ Credits To This Website

5:41 pm 12 Apr, 2018


Remember seeing a picture of saffron ‘Lord Hanuman’ with an angry, intense expression on his face on car bumpers, scooters, windows and every other vehicle in most parts of the country? Well, now you can buy a personalized T-Shirt with the same picture on it, all credits to an online retail store.

The image of Lord Hanuman went on the streets on the occasion of ‘Hanuman Jayanti’ and presented him in a whole new avatar. His angry face, furrowed eyebrows and intense eyes portrayed a different picture. Even the colors used in the stickers were dark and powerful.




As the stickers were being used by the people in various places, an online news portal named ‘The Wire’ published an article on the rising popularity of the sticker. However, the article failed to receive a positive feedback from the readers and was slammed mercilessly for transforming Lord Hanuman from a ‘benign’ to an aggressive ‘destroyer’. In the article, the writer said:

“The Bajrang Dal has reincarnated a new version of Hanuman to reach out to this youth brigade; to give them a Hindu icon to be proud of, a more aggressive version of the god they already revere.”

While the writer atrociously tried to solicit the myth of ‘Militant Hinduism’ through her narrative of the chants of ‘Jai Hanuman’ and ‘Jai Ram’ by the ‘elite’ people that she referred to in her article, The Wire became the victim of massive Twitter aggression against her article.






With context to the controversy splattered by the news portal, an online outlet named ‘T-Shirt Bhaiya’ started a new range of T-Shirts with the same image of Lord Hanuman on it.



The online retail store, was launched by Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, the spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party (Delhi Unit). While the Hanuman T-Shirt design was launched recently by the company, they are offering free Hanuman flags with every T-Shirt as well. The thought behind the free flag is to increase the reach of Lord Hanuman to every house.

The online fashion outlet took all the spotlight when they called out ‘The Wire’ on social media platform with a tweet crediting them for the ‘idea’ behind the ‘Hanuman’ T-Shirt.


The t-shirt design was openly praised by the social media users:







The image was originally created by Karan Acharya in Kumble village, Kerala in 2015. He drew that image at the request of the youngsters of the village who asked him for something to put on the flags for the occasion of Ganesh Chathurthi. To the amazement of Karan, the image somehow got viral and ended up at the windows and bumpers of cars and bikes.



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