These Amazing Facts About Poker Will Urge You To Play Online Poker At PokerBaazi

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Updated on 31 Aug, 2017 at 2:00 pm

The online poker industry has seen an explosive growth in India in recent years, and it has become a popular recreational sport among the youth.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy this challenging game. And if you are unaware of this poker phenomenon that is growing online, then, here are some interesting facts that will urge you to give it a shot.


Poker involves cards, chips, and players sitting across the table, and betting money against one another.

This game has been a source of livelihood for many professional poker players in India, some of whom have had great success at the international level.

Though it sounds like gambling, it is very different from it. This game has a logical approach, and it requires a lot of skill as it deals with numbers and probability. It is the survival of the smartest player much like any other sport.


Post its legalization in October 2013, the Indian online poker industry organizes amazing tournaments where lakhs of people take part.

Playing poker online is an extremely simple and straightforward process. You make an account, create a username, and deposit funds via your debit card, just like any other online transaction. Then, you are good to go.

There are different types of online poker games available, all of them offer a wide range of buy-in options. Your winnings are directly linked to your bank account.

Applicable TDS is filed and TDS certificates are provided for tax filing. In short, it is safe to play, and every step follows a legal way.


The core reason why poker is being promoted nowadays is to get more and more people involved, and someday, everyone will appreciate this mindful game of luck.


With an increase in the number of poker players, there has been a steady growth of operators in the country, too.

As a player, the process of choosing a gaming client is an extremely important one. This involves information about the existing operators in the industry, their background, and what they have to offer you.

PokerBaazi‘ is one trusted platform in the Indian poker community. With their smooth user interface, constant promotional offers and super-value deals, the trust that they have developed as a company amongst their players is probably their greatest asset yet.

For beginners, amateurs, or pros, PokerBaazi provides an ideal platform to learn, play and enjoy the game in a safe and secure environment.

So, if you’re thinking of enjoying poker online, visit and get started today.