An Online Kabadiwala In Madhya Pradesh Comes At Doorsteps To Buy Scraps

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7:24 pm 5 May, 2015


In today’s e-commerce market its quite easy for you buy any new product and get it delivered at your doorstep. But when it becomes useless, or old, you start looking out for a kabadiwala in your locality.


Anurag Asati was no exception:

“One day I was asked to get a kabadiwala home to collect some newspapers. I couldn’t find one because I did not know any near by. That’s when I thought – wouldn’t it be great if this whole process was just a phone call away? Or better yet, book online at my  convenience?” says Anurag, Founder,”



And he thought in different way to bring a change and started with help of his professor and  mentor Kavindra Raghuwanshi.

Hence an e-commerce start up based out of Bhopal was founded in February 2013.


Anyone who wants to get a kabadiwala to pick up scrap form their home have to just fill up a form on the website.


After receiving your request, the kabadiwala team comes to your home to collect the scrap. The online Kabadiwala is currently present in over 5 cities including Bhopal, Gwalior and Indore.

An IT engineer, Anurag believes that his venture will play a huge role in turning India into an ecofriendly country.



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