7 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Back, But Thanks To Internet Are High-demanding Ones Now

7:30 am 13 Aug, 2018


What do you want to be when you grow up? When asked 20 years back, I could have never answered about my present job. Why? It simply didn’t exist! I am a part of the modern-age employees who have an online job.

Technological advancement has always opened up new opportunities and career options. The same happened with the evolution of the internet. It gave birth to high-demanding jobs that were impossible to imagine years back.

1. Online community manager


Online job that exist now



Be it promoting our product or service, establishing an online audience is a part of the business in the present world. The Online community manager’s duty is generating goodwill for the company. 20 years back without an online community, the job title was non-existent.

2. Digital marketing expert




E-commerce is the new marketplace that decides the future for most of the businesses. To implement a proper strategy for marketing, the assistance of Digital marketing expert is required. Twenty years back, that wasn’t an option.

3. Virtual assistant




The job profile is almost like an assistant except maybe bringing you coffee. As the name suggests it’s a secretary on the virtual platform who can run your day-to-day task smoothly. Thanks to technology, it is now a reality.

4. SEO Specialist





Optimizing keywords to push a website to a highlighted position may be an essential job now but was unheard of 20 years back.

5. Instagram artist




20 years back who could have thought that a revolution is possible in the art world with help of the digital platform? However, presently it’s a hot job option.

6. YouTube Content creator




With the evolution of this video sharing platform, people have a career opportunity waiting for them if explored correctly.

7. Blogger


Online jobTenor


Blogging and content writing jobs are really in high demand because, let’s face it, everything you do needs the assistance of content. Traveling back 20 years, all the bloggers and content writers would be sadly unemployed.

Online job or otherwise, do you think your present profession will exist after 20 years?