From Ghosting To Caspering, Useful Terms For Those Who Want To Ace The New-age Online Dating Game

2:57 pm 22 Oct, 2018


When it’s about meeting the special ‘someone’ then we pursue every path. From swiping right to try and find that person in real life, we do it all. Yes, I am talking about dating. Few years back the terms associated with dating were very different, but thanks to the online platform there are new avenues that are opening up. We are talking about new things that the young crowd often do to keep their dating life smooth and running. We are here to present you with the new online dating terms or lingos.

If you are an old-school in a young body or someone trying to get back to the dating game, then these terms might help you.





You meet this awesome guy or girl and you guys are gelling up romantically. Sounds nice? Well, that’s how love stories begin but not if she or he is planning to ghost you. Well, it’s the act of cutting off communication without any explanation that’s called ghosting.





A slightly better version of ghosting where people lead you on for some time but then open up about their feeling of breaking the connection with you. After that, they disappear.





How can we not mention bread-crumbing while talking about online dating terms? Here someone keeps on the flirty communication just to keep you around without any intention of dating you seriously. Sounds pathetic? It is!


Cuffing season



There are many who like to maintain their single status with pride. However, there are times, mostly during cold weather and holidays, when they yearn for some human companionship. The act of seeking out mates to snuggle and pass the cold is known as cuffing season.





This is much like ghosting but with a twist. Here the person reappears in your life again without any apology or explanation. They also try to carry on their relationship with you like the disappearing part didn’t happen.





This is when you put your Sherlock hat on and go knee deep in search for dirt on your potential date. Are you the one who often does that?





We all are guilty of stalking our potential date on different social media platforms. Well, the risk in this ‘research’ comes from accidentally liking their pictures or posts from long back. This is called printing.


Sexting the waters



Asking ‘what are you wearing’ or ‘send nudes’ is becoming a thing of passé. The online daters are now getting smart and using the subtle way of sexting. It is a gameplay where one person guides the other one towards the path of sexting in a very subtle manner without being direct about their intentions.



Feeling prepped up with your new vocabulary on online dating terms or lingos? Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and swipe right already!