Om Puri’s SHAMEFUL Remark On Martyrs Has Made Every Indian Angry!

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11:51 am 4 Oct, 2016

The entire Bollywood fraternity is divided with actors such as Salman Khan, Karan Johar, etc objecting to the ban on Pakistani actors. Now, veteran actor Om Puri too has now joined the club and called the ban useless.

If it were just an objection, it would have been fine. Puri crossed the line no patriotic Indian would.




During a live debate on a leading Hindi news channel, the veteran actor was questioned why he was backing Pakistani artists when Indian soldiers like Nitin Kumar are giving up their lives for the country. Puri lost his temper and left the nation stunned with this dishonourable remark:

Haan to?… Humne usko force kia fauj me jao?… (So?… did we ask him to join the Indian Army?)”



Martyr Nitin Kumar.

The actor then left the panel after this angry rant:

“Do one thing, make a team of 10-15 Indians and tie suicide vests to them. Then send them to Pakistan so that they would blow up something there.”

Before leaving he tried to correct himself by saying that his father was also in the Army and he is proud of him. In his defense he added that the government should be pressurised to cancel the visa and permit of Pakistani actors rather than take opinions of different Bollywood actors.

Om Puri also stated that such conditions in India will instigate the Muslims of the country and India and Pakistan will turn into Israel and Palestine.

Take a look at the video of the debate:


Puri has surely lost all respect he had earned over the years. People went on Twitter to vent out their anger. Take a look at some tweets.



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