Om Dar-Ba-Dar: The Cult Film That Took 26 Years To Hit Theatres

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8:14 pm 16 Jan, 2014


‘Om Dar-Ba-Dar’ may not immediately strike a chord with you owing to the fact that you, in all fairness, might never have heard of this Indian film. But this made-in-1988 cult film did the rounds of film festivals around the world. Maybe, the India of 1988 was not prepared for this gem of a movie which is why it was never released in the country until now. PVR and NFDC have decided on a national release of a digitally restored version on January 17, 2014. Go catch this cinema before some Bollywood crap forces it out.

One of the high point of the movie, apart from its brilliantly scripted story, is its music. Anurag Kashyap admitted to have been inspired by the song ‘Meri Jaan’ for the ‘Emotional Atyachar’ track from ‘Dev D’.




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