Olympic Silver Medalist Auctions Off His Rio Medal To Help A Boy Who Is Battling Cancer

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9:49 am 26 Aug, 2016


While a majority of sports people spend years practicing to be able to win an Olympic medal, a Polish discus thrower recently gave it away within a week of winning it so as to save something of even bigger value, a life.



Discus Thrower Piotr Malachowski with his Rio Olympics Silver Medal. Getty

Piotr Malachowski won the silver medal at the Rio Olympics on August 12, 2016. It had not even been 10 days since he had achieved the feat that he put the prestigious medal for auction so as to help a three-year-old boy with cancer.

The 33-year-old had written about the auction on his Facebook page last week stating that he was moved to auction his prize after he received a letter from a grieving  mother.

The letter spoke about a boy called Olek who been battling eye cancer for two years and said that only way to save him was with a treatment that can only be received in New York.


Moved by Olek story Piotr said:



He added that the entire sum of money raised from the medal would be used to pay for Olek’s treatment.

On August 23, Piotr found “Success,” as he said medal had found takers in Dominica and Sebastian Kulczyków.

He then thanked everyone one who had bid in the auction and added…




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