OLX Turned An Indian Into A Pakistani, But All Is Forgiven

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Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:28 pm

What usually happens when the Internet meets ill-founded assumptions?

Yes, you know, there’s a lot of finger-wagging, absurd justifications, political fist-pounding and of course, trolling.

Surprisingly, a matter that could have gotten out-of-hand in India’s ever-sensitive social structure has died down almost before it could be fanned into something bigger.

Here’s what happened:

Mohasin Khan


And then OLX answered:

OLX customer


After which, they ‘clarified’:

To which obvious questions were raised:

OLX reply


OLX then asked Mohsin for his contact details so they could “touch base” with him. An explanation was soon offered:


That’s the last word from a person who chose to move on.