Is He The Oldest Jhiadi? 80-Year-Old Fled China To Fight Alongside ISIS

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7:05 pm 5 Jun, 2015


Islamic State fighters in Syria (ISIS) have revealed their latest weapon – an 80-year-old from China believed to be one of the terror group’s oldest jihadis. In a propaganda video released by ISIS, Muhammed Amin says he left his home country with his family after seeing a video of his jihadi son being killed in Syria, reports Daily Mail.

It is believed that Amin was a member of the minority Muslim Uighur in Xinjiang, an autonomous territory in northwest China. In the video, talking to his fellow ISIS fighter, he said:

“I was subjected to oppression in Turkestan at the hands of the Chinese… for 60 years. I made hijrah (religious journey) accompanied by my four grandsons, my daughter and my wife. I came to Islamic State and went to training camp despite my old age. I went to training camp and I crawled, I ran and I rolled. I did almost everything and ended training camp well. “

Filmed holding an AK-47 in some scenes and at the controls of heavy artillery in others, the elderly jihadi said:

After receiving a weapon I asked permission to participate in battle, but he didn’t give me permission so I am presently in ribat (base).”


The video believed to have been filmed in Syria, cuts to scenes inside one of the terror group’s schools, where children sit inside a classroom wearing hats bearing the recognisable ISIS logo. The jihadi, who says he was an imam in China, says Muslims face oppression in his home country.



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