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These Flavoured Rums By Old Monk Will Definitely Intrigue Booze Lovers

Published on 29 October, 2018 at 3:45 pm By

You’ll agree with me that it’s very difficult to find a person who won’t be a fan of Old Monk, right? The rum has legions of fans, with dedicated fan clubs online and offline. Launched in 1954, the rum is popular across all segments of the society, due to its smooth flavour and affordable pricing. Now, Old Monk’s ‘The Connoisseur Collection’ is grabbing headlines!



There’s a reason why rums like Old Monk survive longer in India and it’s not the concoction of vanilla with alcohol, but the spirit of making it interesting.



The latest example is Old Monk’s ‘The Connoisseur Collection’. One look and you’ll see why the statement stands true.



Instead of the classic, you’ll see Old Monk’s ‘The Connoisseur Collection’ stocked up in popular bars and you really can’t miss it!



Old Monk’s ‘The Connoisseur Collection’ will make you forget your Bacardi’s Breezer.




After all, it includes Orange Rum, Lemon Rum, Apple Rum, White Rum, Cola, Cranberry and Mojito, to name a few.



Since Diwali is around the corner, serve your guests these crazy drinks and they’ll walk away happiest!



However, this range of Old Monk’s ‘The Connoisseur Collection’ is actually very limited!



Only a few stores in Karnataka are housing this special collection which sets you back for Rs 130 for each bottle. So the rest of India will have to wait! 



However, if you live anywhere in Karnataka, you know where you can find Old Monk’s new collection? Read below:




So follow the cult and keep stocking up. What did you think of the new collection by Old Monk?



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