Photo Of Old Man Reading Newspaper In Flooded Hong Kong Starbucks Goes Viral

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7:40 pm 20 Oct, 2016

Hong Kong was lashed by heavy rains this week that caused floods in many parts of the city. People did not venture out of their homes unless it was absolutely essential.

Of course, you can see for yourself how bad the rains have been today:


But even floods could not stop one elderly man from visiting his favourite coffee outlet for a sip.

This picture of the old man having his coffee and reading the newspaper in a flooded Starbucks outlet in Chai Wan district of the city went viral and also gave birth to countless memes.


The picture was taken by 23-year-old medical worker Kristy Chan. After the image went viral, Chan said that there were actually many people inside the café.

But it was Chan’s take on the picture that helped it go viral: “It was quite funny. Maybe he already has that many life experiences so the flood didn’t bother him at all.”

Within hours, photoshopped images of the man were doing the rounds of social media.

This one shows him by a mad sea.

Even a mad sea can’t shake a determined old man. How Hemingway-esque!


Kristy Chan, via Facebook

Kristy Chan, via Facebook

And this one of him unperturbed in the middle of total chaos.




This gives an idea. Why doesn’t Starbucks actually open a cafe on a beach?



Tham Kj, via Facebook

And this one takes the cake. Jaws is coming.


Tsz Him Ko, via Facebook

Tsz Him Ko, via Facebook



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