The Moving Story Of This Old Lady Is The Inspiration You Need To Live Life To The Fullest!

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1:30 pm 10 Aug, 2018


The world is a mysterious place. There are interesting, inspiring and touching stories hidden in all corners of this world. One just needs to look around and find the right inspiration to live their life to the best. Such is the inspirational and moving story of this old lady who hails from Mumbai. But she is different from all others as she has begun the second inning of her life at the time most people wait for the eternal rest to embrace them.

Her story was shared on the Instagram page officialhumansofbombay which had the elaborate anecdote of her heartening journey since she was a child.




This old lady whose name hasn’t been revealed in the post was an orphan since her early childhood. She was brought up by her brother and his wife since she was 2-years old.

Owing to the circumstances, she was only able to study till class 1. By the time she turned 10, she had learned to cook and was married off at the age of 20.



Fortunately, the marriage proved to be a good thing that happened to her. In the Instagram post, the old lady described that her husband was very kind and loving. He used to wake her up with a cup of tea every morning!

A few years later, her husband set up a shop in Mumbai, which was then known as Bombay. By that time, she was already a mother of 4. And moving to a completely new city with 4 small children was not the only predicament in her life at that time.

She got only Rs 1000 per month to run the household. But even with the limited amount, she would still save some amount for the rainy day and would hide her savings in a “Gehu ka dabba“. She continued this practice for 24 years and it proved to be one of the best things of her life.


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Of course, there were months when she could not save anything. But at that time, she spent the money saved whenever her children needed anything. And even when they got married, she would use these savings to give them little gifts.

The old lady lived a selfless life that was dedicated to her family. And this is something she did not regret at all. But then, something happened that shattered her forever. She lost her husband to cancer and that was the time when she felt weak.


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Her children were all married and had a life of their own. The old woman would stay at home all day long and stopped socializing completely. She was once again into one of the toughest phases of her life.

Gradually, her health started deteriorating and she had to undergo a knee surgery. And when she saw the massive medical bill, something happened inside her. She realized that there was no point in spending all that money if she had to sit at home. And thus, she decided to kick off the second inning of her life.



At the age of 74, she started doing anything and everything so that she could spend some time out of the house. She joined a yoga class and visited all the places in Mumbai that had been on her bucket list. For the first time in her lifetime, she soaked her feet in the water on Juhu Beach. She even went for vacations out of the town. The old lady then joined an “Oldies” group and went on a trip to Mahabaleshwar with them. And now she is planning another trip and can you guess her next destination?



It’s Goa! You can read her complete story in her own words in the Instagram post below:


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“I’m an orphan. I was brought up by my elder brother and his wife since I was 2. I studied until the 1st standard, learnt to cook by the time I was 10 and was married at 20. My husband was kind and caring — he woke me up with a cup of tea every morning! Eventually, he permanently set up shop in Bombay and we moved here. I didn’t know Hindi or English when I moved. I still remember those days — I was a mother of 4 already and was given Rs. 1000 a month to manage the house. Still, I would save some money for a rainy day– every month I would hide my savings in a Gehu ka dabba! I continued this practice for 24 years and it was the best one. There were months when we had no surplus and the children needed things for school — I would then spend the savings on them. In fact, even as my children became older and started getting married — I used these small savings to give them little gifts from my side. My life has been dedicated to my family and children, something I don’t regret. But a few years ago, I lost my husband to cancer — that’s when I really felt weak. My children were all married and had spouses…suddenly, my life just changed. For a while, I found it difficult to cope. I used to stay at home, wear a plain blue sari and not attend any social events. It was tough. I even had to get a knee surgery and funnily enough, when I saw the bill of the transplant something in me shifted! What was the point of spending all that money and sitting at home — I needed to make my paisa vasool! At 74, I began my second innings. I did everything to remain out of the house — I joined a yoga class, started going to all these places in Bombay that were on my bucket list and even took trips out of town! I dipped my feet in the water at Juhu beach for the first time with my grand daughter and joined an ‘Oldies’ group — I just went to Mahabaleshwar with all of them! The way I see it, my life has been bound by so many responsibilities up until now that I’m actually loving being care free! It’s finally my time — and guess what, I’m just planning a trip to Goa with the Oldies — I’ll send you a selfie from there!”

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Isn’t that thrilling and inspiring at the same time?

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