Old Bollywood Movies That’ll Make You Wish You Were Still In College

1:15 pm 19 Oct, 2018


Do you miss your college? I miss it every day. And why not? It was fun. We were carefree. The stories, the pranks, the lectures or lecturers rather. When we used to pretend to study! The jokes, the crushes, the heartbreaks. The songs we used to hear and sing or dedicate! Everything about that phase of life is precious. Don’t you wish to go back? Don’t you wanna relive that?

Even if we want we can’t go back in time. But we can surely revisit the memories through some of the movies. Yes, movies that take us to our favorite time – college life.


Here are the movies you can watch and miss your college life.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is the movie which gave me dreams! Dreams about college life. Such a fancy college, such cool teachers.  Mini skirts, westernization, a stud boy, college romance. Though it did happen in real life!



Main Hoon Na

Remember being that lovestruck guy/girl who had a major crush on their professor, this film would sure evoke a lot of memories!


2 States

The love story which is perfect. The college romance which is idealistic. The hope that your family will eventually agree. 2 states were all of that and we are all over the idea.




Dil Dosti Etc

Let’s move to Delhi University now, the brutal reality about the complicated college political scene. Dil Dosti Etc explores themes like student politics, college elections, sex, and much more.





Yuva was not entirely based on college life, but a huge chunk of it dealt with hardcore student politics. In fact, Yuva was a first of its kind film which actually showed student politics in such a better and serious manner.




Ishq Vishk

As the name suggests, the film explores the super messed up college romances. The one-sided love, the attraction and the confusion.


Phool aur kaante

Ajay Devgn debut Phool aur kaante had the flavor of that college rivalry and of course the love story blossoming between the college students.




College phase is the time we all will remember for one or the other reasons. But thank god movies help us in reliving the old memories. Do you have any other suggestion to watch?