Upset Customer’s Tweet Made Ola Deliver Samosas At His Place. Here’s What Happened

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4:01 pm 27 Oct, 2017


Cab services like Ola and Uber have become a part of our lives. The companies have made our lives easy with door to door pick and drop services. However, a regular customer knows the pain of canceling the cab and paying cancellation charges. It hurts more when the driver cancels the ride and the customer has to pay the fine. You can claim the amount and get it refunded but many ignore it because of the hectic procedure.


Abhishek Asthana (a regular customer of Ola) decided to do something out-of-the-box when he had to pay the cancellation charges. Instead of claiming the amount via Ola app, Abhishek posted a witty tweet mocking the unfair cancellation charge that Ola imposes on their customers.

Here’s what he tweeted:

Abhishek’s hilarious comparison of Ola cab with samosas made the company do an unbelievable thing. Ola support soon replied to his tweet saying that the amount has been refunded. They even asked Abhishek, where they should send the samosas. 

At first, it appeared to be a funny reply by Ola to Abhishek’s joke. Little did Abhishek know was that the company got a little serious about samosas. 

The company actually tracked Abhishek and delivered the samosas at his doorstep.

This unbelievable gesture by Ola left people surprised. Here’s how Twitter users reacted to this,


Now, this is what we call an apology. Ha ha!