15 Rib-Tickling Tweets You Will Relate To If You Are A Regular Ola And Uber Customer

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3:49 pm 19 Jan, 2018


It has become easier to travel around in big cities all thanks to app-based cab service providers. The growing taxi aggregation business is surely a boon for daily commuters. Traveling to work or any other place during odd hours is way easier now as people have started using Ola and Uber services on a daily basis.


But, it’s also true that sometimes Ola-Uber drivers become a headache. Telling them the exact location and then waiting for them beyond the expected time often irritate us. And if you are a regular customer of Ola and Uber, you will surely relate to these brutally honest tweets that leave you rolling on the floor laughing!


Don’t you think these tweets are brutally honest?