Man Tweeted, ‘What Is Cheaper Ola Or Uber?’ Ola’s Replies Will Make Him Their Customer For Life

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Updated on 29 Aug, 2017 at 2:58 pm


Big brands and companies do every possible thing to get loyal customers. Looks like Ola is following the same footsteps. The company is leaving no stone unturned to become the topmost cab services brand.


We have a brilliant example of the same. This man asked on Twitter about the cheapest cab service. The man explicitly took two names Ola and Uber. His friends were supposed to travel from Bangalore to Mysore and for them, he was searching for a cheap ride.

Here’s what he tweeted:



As soon as Ola got his tweet, they didn’t leave a chance to please him and offered him a free ride!


The offer came as a surprise to him, he couldn’t believe them and thought that the company must be joking about the free ride offer.


However, it was a dream-come-true moment. The company wasn’t kidding. rather, they presented this offer as a gift.


To check the authenticity, the man explained about his friends’ plan and told them that it is going to be a three-day trip!


Ola left everyone in shock when they tweeted that they will offer a three-day free service to his friends.


This was way cooler than what we expected. The company did everything possible to please this man. He is definitely going to be Ola’s lifetime customer!

So guys, if you are willing to have a free ride, just go tweet Ola, you might get lucky just like this man! 😀



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