Twitterati Thrashed Bigoted Ola Driver Who Refused To Drop Passenger At A Muslim-Dominated Area

1:34 pm 19 Jun, 2018


Ola has almost become a household name for urban crowd. Founded in India, this brand operates with the motto of offering a comfortable and fast ride. It has claimed a huge market share in the country. Not only cars but passengers are also allowed to hire auto rickshaw through this transportation aggregator app. In 2018, they also ventured outside India to extend their reach in some parts of Australia.

This brand, however, is not without its own share of controversies. Over the years its reputation has been smeared by different incidents some of which turned out to be very serious. The recent incident of a bigoted driver again pushed Ola into a hot controversy.




Delhi-based journalist Asad Ashraf booked a car for Jamia Nagar, a Muslim-dominated area. Few minutes before reaching the destination, the driver stopped the car and refused to go any further. Baffled he asked the reason and the driver said that he will not go into the area.



It was around 9 pm at night and the driver rudely asked Asad to get down from the car. He portrayed racism by saying that he will not enter the ‘Muslim ghetto.’ Naturally, the irritated and shocked rider refused to accept this prejudiced comment. They landed in an argument when the driver started calling his friends to the location in order to threaten the journalist. He further added that he tried getting help from both Ola emergency service and Delhi police but without any result.



Determined not to stay quiet about this horrific experience, he shared everything on social media. Ola took action only when people started thrashing the brand on Twitter. This is what he tweeted:



Following that, he received a tweet from Ola cabs who confirmed that they have solved the issue. Here’s the post:



After that, few more tweets were exchanged between Asad Ashraf and Ola support to come to a solution about the issue. Check the conversation here:




Finally, the brand confirmed that they have taken the driver off-road as they condemn and shun any form of  racism:


Twitterati, however, didn’t forgive so easily. Infuriated by the incident they raised their voice on the social media. Here are some of the posts:









What’s your take on the incident?

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