Besharmi And Beer! These Tempting Pictures From Germany’s Oktoberfest Will Make You Crave For Its Indian Version

10:00 am 7 Oct, 2018


Do you know about the unofficial naughty party of Germany? Yes, we are talking about the beer and traveling funfair Oktoberfest. Generally conducted for 16 to 18 days, this festival is all about beer, fun, and food. During this event, million liters of beer is consumed by the visitors who take a part in this fun fest. An important part of Bavarian culture, this is a fair that is celebrated since 1810! Right now, this fest is going on and will conclude on October 8.

Held in Munich in Germany, this is an event that provides the modern-age fun-loving youths with everything. Yes, we are talking about booze, food, and wild sex games.




Different stalls in the fair are designed in the most innovative way possible. Of course, with an adult touch! Jealous of those attending the event? Let us try to ease your frustration with some of the amazing pictures from Oktoberfest. Shall we start with this 5 ft tunnel decorated with plastic boobs?



A group of party lovers showing their true spirit!



Babe and beer!



The traditional touch



The ‘young at heart’ is also a part of this fun event



Fun ride



At the event, food is bae too!



Getting naughty?



Up for some fun game?



Certainly, this is a kind of event that Indian youths crave for! Won’t you agree?