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13 Reasons Why It’s More Than Okay To Not Have A Best Friend

Updated on 5 October, 2019 at 1:47 pm By

In this world of social opera, we ought to have friends; close friends, good friends, work friends, work-out friends, school friends or college friends. But there is this one person we call our best friend – bestie, constant, forever or soul mate as you may call them.


However, there are few who never found one mad person who is like a mirror to their soul. They didn’t have one constant from school with whom they shared friendship-band stories. They might have had a boyfriend/girlfriend, sister, brother or their mum or dad as their best friend, but they never clicked with that one person they could call Best Friend Forever.

So does that mean they have been living their lives in utter denial? They have been missing out on something so crucial that it leaves a particular part of their lives unwritten?

Or maybe,  while we were busy posting BFF XO XO pictures on Instagram, they were having it all the more better.

1. They own their opinions.

Not having a best friend can make one feel independent and opinionated. They were never dependent on advice from a bff to make a move when they fell in love. They live their own life on their own terms. They won’t ever feel the regrets of having followed someone else’s opinion.

2. They are made of their own

Even while it’s great to have someone’s back while you slog off, it’s all together a different feeling to claim your own victory. They must have fallen down several times before they picked themselves up and carved their own niche. They are made of their own mistakes and conquests.

3. They are real

You know how many times we are called the shadow figure of our best friends? But this best friend-less squad keeps it real all the while.  They have nobody to get shadowed from and will be themselves all the while. Their words, their style, it’s all their own.

4. They are secure


They do not live in constant fear of losing their light in someone else’s glory. They stay firm to the ground and keep insecurity at bay. They do have friends and they genuinely feel happy for their success. But that’s about it. Lack of deep rooted attachment makes it easier for them to float.

5. There are no benchmarks

When they say, ” I am my own competition”, you know they are not a BFF person. They don’t have set benchmarks which they have to win. The sky is the limit.


6. Less drama

They really have much less drama in their lives. They don’t have to constantly abide by someone’s existence. All those petty fights and heavy emotions can take a backseat, they have better things on their way.

7. They are more open

Oh yes, they are! Not having a best friend makes them open to one and all. They talk to a lot of people, hang out and are open to invites and exciting opportunities. There are no, “Oh, you went to that party without me!” or “Oh, so she’s your best friend now!”


8. Their secrets are ALWAYS safe

You know there’s nothing in this world which a best friend doesn’t get to know about eventually. This always creeps people out because they know if they confide in you, clearly your best friend is an ear to your soul too. But if there is no best friend, clearly people will find you more trustworthy. Your secrets, their secrets, it’s all safe!

9. They know what’s family

Often we get so engrossed in our BFF world, that we start taking our families for granted. If he/she doesn’t have that one best friend, they will obviously be more involved with their family. Family is forever, and they know it. And guess what, they never feel guilty about it too!

10. They know the line

If you have mad love for your best friend, you know they will be all around. They study with you, they hangout with you, they attend your family dinners, they are everywhere. But sometimes you need to draw the line between personal, professional and camaraderie. These people just know about it.


11. They know being alone is not being lonely

Most of the times we are so used to being with someone that we feel sorry for those who are alone. Honestly, it’s stupid. These people are not anti-social but they enjoy their alone time. They know how blissful it is to spend some time in isolation. They think about themselves, their life, their problems. They aren’t dumped by someone else’s propaganda.

12. They are creative

Cutting out all the drama, naturally they are more creative. They give themselves the space to nurture new ideas. They think, scramble, prod and are always on the look-out for something inspiring.


13. They are their own best friend!


When you don’t have a best friend, you become that of your own. There is no better mirror reflecting your true worth than you yourself. They know their strength and weakness. They encourage themselves. Thy pick out their mistakes to rectify them. They have their own back, strong and unwavering!


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