6 Hilarious Illustrations You Can Perfectly Relate To If You Are An Office Goer

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7:30 am 10 Aug, 2018


We always try to be perfect in our new job. Perhaps because we want our boss to like us. We expect appreciation for our hard work. We usually get so excited that we come on time and gladly accept extra work. But soon the illusion of becoming everyone’s favorite fades away and the reality comes out. After spending a few days (or months), we get familiar with our workplace and realize that it’s just an important place because we want to earn money. Though there are different memes for office goers depicting the same, these illustrations are absolutely point on.

Drawn by Karina Farek for College Humor, these hilarious comics depicts the difference between our first day in office with our hundred-and-first day in office. They perfectly show how our attitude towards our work, workplace, and authorities changes over time. They are nothing but perfect memes for office goers.


1. Eagerness to look like a professional compared to ‘oh-so-cool’ attitude.


Memes for office goers


2. Always early soon becomes always late!



3. This is something almost everyone will agree.




4. Soon this happens!



5. When you realize the reality of not being appreciated even after putting so much effort




6. Well, YES!


Do you relate to these hilarious illustrations?