13 Signs The Guy In Your Office Is Marriage Material

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 2:48 pm


1. At the end of a tiring day, you secretly wish he takes you out for coffee.

You look forward to venting out your problems with him. And he listens with a patient ear.

2. You can be your real self when he is around.

No made-up behavior needed. He’s okay with what you think or how you behave.

You can be your real self when he is around



3. The chemistry between you two is like that of sodium & water.

You feel attracted to him – mentally, physically and emotionally. It is so powerful that the Universe seems to be staring right at your face, pleading you to comply with its grand scheme.

The chemistry between you two is like that of sodium & water

4. You remember the tiniest of things he has said do you at work or during the last training program you two had together.

Girl, you’re in love. Make your move. Now.

5. Monday mornings are not boring anymore.

You get to see him after a long weekend.

6. He doesn’t expect his better half to be a house wife.

Unless she absolutely wants to be one!

7. You know for sure that he does not do drugs or gamble.

After all, the days of hanging out with a party animal or a wild boyfriend are now over. It’s time to tie the knot and you know it.

8. This guy is not a cribber, but a solution finder.

At office meetings, you’ve seen him trying to find solutions more often than complaining about what’s wrong or what cannot be done.

9. He does not blow his money the night the salary comes in.

A grown up man, he is already planning for a prosperous future.

10. He can magically read between the lines and anticipate all your needs.

Does not matter if he’s your boss, team member or a junior at work! Chemistry is just too good.

11. Behind your back he speaks highly of you to coworkers.

He has genuine praise for you and has no shame in accepting that you might even be better at work than him.

12. When he says he will, it will be done.

A man who can’t keep his word, is not worthy of our attention.

13. The excitement is beyond the wedding trousseau.

When you imagine getting married to him, you are more excited to live with him than about the lehenga, or makeup or jewellery.

Ladies, take home a confident man to meet your mom.